Saturday, September 15, 2007

Embedded Linux - Examples, Slides ...


Introduction to Embedded Linux

OSK 5912 board tutorial

The starter kit
Setting up the host
Connecting to the device
Boot loader
Building the kernel
Root file system
Loading the kernel and starting the system

Some userspace examples:

priority ceiling example
threads with attributes
signals example 1
signals example 2
named pipes
posix queues
sysV queues example 1
sysV queues example 2
h file for sysV queues examples
shared memory
mmap example
limit stack size
Using fork,execve,wait,signal System Calls in Linux
Using pipe , dup , read write system calls
Using POSIX Threads
Using the POSIX scheduling Policies
Using POSIX semaphores and mutexes
Using the UNIX's Socket System Calls

Some kernelsapce examples

kernel linked list
using kernel lists
proc file example
char driver example
using the char driver from userspace
simple interrupt
interrupt using tasklet
interrupt using workqueue

Slides from operating systems course with Linux

Introduction to Operating Systems

Process Management
Inter-process Communication
File System
File System2
Process Synchronization
Process Synchronization2
Memory Management
Memory Management2
Distributed Communication
Security problems

Unix/Linux General Slides

UNIX intro
UNIX Arch.
UNIX Arch. cont.
UNIX shell scripts 1
UNIX shell scripts 2
Class ex.

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